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If you are interested in hosting a wind, solar or storage project, please contact us below. 

BEA Renewables is a utility scale renewable energy developer based in Sydney. Our specialty is taking a project from site identification to successful operation.

We are a team of humble and highly skilled people with extensive experience developing renewable energy projects successfully in Australia. We have an extensive list of completed projects that come with a track record of rolling up our sleeves and getting the job done.

We won't promise the world. We will take the time to help you understand how the process works, then if we all decided to partner, what the plan looks like, what's needed to succeed, then along the way, how the project is progressing in a transparent way.

You might be curious about hosting a project, have been approached by other developers, or even have previously had an agreement with one that hasn’t gone anywhere. If so, click the Contact Us button and we will give you a call, or if you prefer, call our Managing Director, Steve directly at 0435 997 750. He will be happy to take the time to understand you and your land and whether it might be suitable for a renewable energy project.

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